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Respine4u during pregnancy

For relief from pain, relaxation, deep breathing  – even lying on the stomach during pregnancy

Pregnancy  – close your eyes and breath in, imagine a calm pregnancy, less stress on your back and pelvis, less muscle pain, less headaches; the conditions for significant reduction of physical and emotional  stress… and even lying on your stomach whenever you wish to…

During the 40-42 weeks of pregnancy and the weeks after giving birth, the body undergoes a natural process of adaptation and change.

The nervous system, including the brain, the spinal cord and the nerves throughout the body, enable us to experience and feel the body and anew on a daily basis, especially complex processes such as pregnancy.

The role of the spinal column, the skeleton and the soft tissue is to enable us to  walk, bend, turn right or left, climb stairs, carry our own weight as well as extra external weight such as a baby in a seat, shopping at the supermarket. Throughout all the regular functions such as these, the spinal column protects the spinal cord which is connected to the brain and to the network of all the nerves.

Pregnancy, is a process of changes in the body including changes in the elasticity of the tissues, stretching and contracting in order to create the space for the fetus’ development. The space through which the birth takes place at the end, undergoes this too. All of this is managed for us by the brain, by means of the communication system between the brain and the body, which is known of course as the central nervous system.  During these changes of the pregnant body, and when there is any kind of pressure on the nervous system, this essential communication between the brain and the body, may be disrupted, and then the brain advises us of the disruption by means of pain.

In fact it has been found, that even before the pain appears, during the accumulation of stress and pressure, there are preliminary signs: discomfort, disquiet, aggravation, an inability to rest and relax, fall asleep or sleep through the night.


At an advanced stage with the addition of further pressure from the discs, the vertebrae and the roots of the nerves that branch out from the spinal column, we begin to feel varying levels of pain and interference our functioning, our ability to perform certain tasks, in short, interference with our way of life.

This feeling of restriction and the inability to do whatever we wish, are the signals that the brain is sending us in order to protect us and save our body from dangerous movements. Every pregnant woman feels pain during her pregnancy, whether they are lower back pains, pelvic pain or various types of pressure, back ache, neck and headaches. These feelings of pain must be understood as messages from the brain warning about a disturbance in its communication with the body.


Pain is just the tip of the iceberg; pain is the warning that the body systems are requesting to be listened to and related to, not just in pregnancy, but after birth and from then on – considering the modern demands of life.

The good news is that it is possible to conveniently and comfortably resolve this without application of external force, with absolutely no effort, and to significantly reduce these warnings and disturbances. 

This is where we emphasize that being very aware of the feelings in our body and the ability to respond in good time and while the process is occurring, is particularly important both during pregnancy and when the body is in post-natal recuperation.

This is exactly why this innovative product, the Respine4u, was developed, as it offers pregnant women the possibility of lying on their stomach throughout their entire pregnancy right up to birth, and even in the delivery room, Respine4u allows for significant reduction of pressure by means of daily relaxation and relief.

Respine4u was developed for easy at-home use, 24/7 availability, so that it will be accessible to use in response to feelings, discomfort, pain – or when you feel you absolutely need to take a rest and relax – immediately before deteriorating into worse suffering. Availability and immediate accessibility at any hour, any time, whether on weekends or in the middle of the night, means that you have an immediate resolution without being dependent on any external factors, without needing to leave home – and can even deal with pain that appears suddenly.

We believe that every woman has the wisdom and intuition to know what is right for her body, to understand and identify the potential and the importance of having the right tools for maintaining and taking care of the body.

For the pregnant woman, Respine4u offers the opportunity to listen to her body and to respond quickly, thus preventing additional accumulation of stress that can lead to unwanted results. This time you don’t have to wait till the situation is unbearable when you feel you have a “fire to put out”, with  pain killers, or the difficult setting up an appointment and getting to a therapist.

As we said, prevention is no less important, even before having early warning signs that indicate a problem. Simply relax and release whenever you can, without even feeling pain. Imagine lying on your stomach, relaxing, releasing , napping or even having a deep sleep. Peace and calm, quiet, while the brain communicates better with the body, free of any stress on the nervous system, for the benefit of managing the pregnancy and developing the space of the birth canal. 

Nowthat you can do something particularly significant for yourself, we recommend that you integrate Respine4u into your daily schedule.  Respond to every discomfort of even the slightest back ache. For example, if you get up on the weekend showing  signs that you didn’t have the best night’s sleep and you don’t know why; remember your brain knows, and your body knows. It is best to release the stress at the first opportunity. So before even starting the day’s activities, spend 5 -15 minutes on Respine4u and your entire day will be totally different.  Now is the opportunity for you to give yourself that essential time to avoid further accumulation of pressure and to invest in your health, allowing yourself to be at your best. Because discomfort and pain at the start of a day, can lead to far worse.

The information provided here by the Daily Backup Company Ltd., the convenience product manufacturer of Respine4u, developed for home use

This article is based on information from Haavik Research Limited

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