Being able to respond, to administer self-treatment in your free time, 24/7 without restrictions and limitations of time, as needed.
For relief, relaxation and release of accumulating stress over the years, day to day and every day.

Respine4u reduces pressure and stress from the spine. Lying on the stomach transfers the load of the body from the back, distributing it to the front surface of the body, and allowing it to settle into the combined visco-elastic materials in a number of varying directions of relaxation.

Reduction of the pressure and stress allows the brain to release the soft tissue, the muscles, ligaments and tendons, reducing stress from the spine, the vertebrae and the discs, returning the spine and the vertebrae to their natural position. As a result, the stress is relieved from the nervous system, where the initial reason for pain begins,  thus generating relaxation and lessening of pain.

Releasing strain provides a better connection between the brain and the body through the nervous system, transferring information about what happens in the body, and activating the brain to improve and correct the situation. That is the process of natural healing. At the same time, the delicate internal motion of the soft tissues, the spine and the frame improves the symmetric posture as well as the communication and supervision of the “grand computer” of the brain, which is specifically and uniquely adapted to us, for the control of all the functions of the body at any given time.

The spinal cord – the lifeline, transmits operational instructions to coordinate between the brain and the body, by collecting information from the organs, transferring it to the brain and the other way around. The spinal cord and the brain are the central nervous system. This is the first system to develop in a fetus. The connection between the central nervous system and the rest of the body is through the peripheral nervous system.

This system and all of its extensions is so important that it is protected by the vertebrae, the discs and various other tissues. The spinal cord and the brain are protected by the spinal column when it is flexible, intact and functions as planned. The spine has 33 vertebrae (7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 5 lumbar vertebrae, 5 sacrum vertebrae, 4 coccyx vertebrae, sometimes referred to as the “tail bone”). In between the vertebrae are the intervertebral discs (or intervertebral fibrocartilage) which serve as a kind of shock absorber. The spinal column bears the weight of the body and provides movement and flexibility. This movement of the vertebrae and the muscles around them is important for the precise transmission of nerve signals and operative instructions between the brain and the body.

In between the vertebrae there are 24 discs serving as shock absorbers for the spine which carries the body weight, allows for flexibility and the transfer of information to the brain. At the center of the vertebrae is a smooth conduit through which the spinal cord passes. Every little movement, sub-laxation of the vertebrae, affects the freedom of movement and the transfer of information in the spinal cord and the adjacent nerves, thus impairing the ability of the brain to manage the body’s functions.  The sub-laxations cause the body to function partially or inadequately, realizing less than the 100% of its capabilities, thereby weakening and impairing a wide range of functions of the body, and possibly causing the development of illnesses.

How does it work?

Restores the natural balance to the back and pelvis

Lying in a horizontal, symmetric position, reducing the weight of the stomach and the chest, while diffusing the pressure from the back, enables us to gradually relieve the soft tissue in the back; motion and gentle working of the muscles around the spine, are all symmetrically aligned in this natural position without any external force being applied.

Allows complete relaxation of the muscles – like floating in water

Reduction of the stomach and chest weight and diffusion of the pressure from the back, is like floating in water; this could be considered “dry hydrotherapy”. This state of floating, achieves relaxation and release of the muscles of the body while gently moving and enabling the vertebrae to rearrange the space between them.

Restores our natural symmetry

During the day we are obliged to compromise on the symmetry of our position, for example sitting on an office chair with a moving base, next to a desk and opposite a computer. Driving, carrying even light loads like bags, backpacks and a baby chair. Releasing and relaxing of the soft tissue by means of the very gentle motion of the muscles around the spine enables restoring of the system to a balanced symmetry.

Allows the body to enter a state of meditation and calm

Thanks to the combination of body position, diaphragm or abdominal breathing – which is also called belly breathing, this position decompresses the spine (the process of restoring the spaces between the vertebrae), also releases stress from the body which in fact, goes into a state of meditation and deep calm.

It protects our spine

It protects our spine from accumulated pressure that occurs during the day, as a result of sitting at work, driving and even at home in front computers, using telephone screens while bending the head forward.This pressure is released while using Respine4u and it makes it possible for us to return the spine to full functionality and improve the body systems which are managed by the brain and the nervous system.

The unique structure of Respine4u allows for it to work on 3 levels:

1.   Lying face down on the stomach and the chest, reduces the strain on the back. Deep breathing raises and lowers the body generating essential internal motion.

2.   Reducing tension in the muscles and increasing the space between the vertebra, with the gentle internal motion.

3.   Movement of the pelvis and the back in a natural range of movement releasing the pressure from the hip bones, the pelvis and the shoulders by spreading out the shoulders.

The Advantages of Respine4u

Dr. Mendy: “We spent days and nights understanding and planning the product which was still nonexistent. Ronen analyzed the structure of the chiropractic adjustment tables, and he learned from me about the important features that were necessary for the product.

Regarding the changes of body structure in pregnant women, it was important that the product be in use for the entire pregnancy till birth. We weren’t yet aware of the importance that Respine4u would have for post-natal women.”

It is recommended for pregnant women, even in their ninth month, and for anyone who respects and appreciates their body, and wants to take care of it for long term.

Daily use of Respine4u assists in sustaining, rehabilitating and maintaining the health of the spine.

During pregnancy for example, the body changes every day, weight increases, and the body gets organized to make space for the fetus to grow while hormonal activity relaxes the tendons, ligaments and muscles. All this causes imbalance and disturbance to the stability of the spine and the pelvis. Movement in the vertebrae and discs causes pressure on the soft tissue and the nerves. This pressure can be expressed, amongst other ways, in inflammation, impairment of the nervous systems and the brain’s management of the body. As a result, there is often a feeling of discomfort, tiredness, pain and exhaustion, emotional stress. By lying on Respine4u we release the pressure from the back and enable the vertebrae to relax and increase the space between them back to their natural position.

Daily use of Respine4u can alleviate discomfort and pain and assist in the prevention of future accrued damage.

Prevents buildup of damage

Can prevent sub-laxation of the spine before it builds up and becomes serious damage. Restores the body to its natural balance. At the end of each day it allows the body to restart, in a state of equilibrium with minimal difficulties

Helps restore the body

The spine and the vertebrae are the electrical / communications panel of the body. Pressure of the vertebrae on the nerves (“electric wires”) impairs communication between the brain and the body which affects the functioning of the organs, the glands and muscles.

Relieves pain

Temporary and constant back pain are the body’s warning mechanism with regards to accumulation of stress in the body systems. It doesn’t occur suddenly unless as a result of trauma (for example an accident). Usually it is a result of ongoing and accruing strain, inflammation and so on. Pressure can cause erosion of the discs and the vertebrae which put pressure on the spinal cord, thus creating inflammation and chronic pain.

Makes the digestive system more efficient

Respine4u is planned to reduce and disperse the pressure from the spine, and it activates support areas that arouse the digestive system . This improves the activity of the intestines (peristalsis) in the desired direction and slightly raises the stomach temperature to improves the peristaltic and metabolic rate. Normal bowel activity is of great importance in the absorption of food and the optimal functioning of the immune system.

Assists in relief of emotional stress

Our modern lifestyle causes a lot of emotional stress, at home at work, driving on the road, connecting to the media which inundates us with information and so much negative news. Emotional stress is connected to the accumulating strain in our body and our spine. Relaxation and release of the back is possible by using Respine4u, awarding the most beneficial conditions for diminishing the level of emotional stress.

Assists in the effective functioning of the immune system

Function of the immune system depends greatly on the activity of the intestines, but it is also related to and managed by the Thyroid gland; the innervation of the Thyroid – stems from the nerves passing through the T2 vertebra. Accumulating daily stress in the spine can impair communication between the brain and the organs. Respine4u enables considerable reduction of this stress and particularly of this type of impaired function.

Assists in relaxing muscles after physical effort

After each exercise session it is important to stretch muscles, release and relax them to control the change from activity to relaxation and recovery between exercise sessions. Using Respine4u releases physical pressure from the spine and the pelvis and removes the pressure of gravity from the spine and the body. The combination of these two extends the space between the vertebra and alleviates the activity of the muscles, relaxing, balancing and enabling the body to recover from the strain of the exercise and to restore itself beneficially.

Can alleviate Edema and Varicose Veins

Edema and varicose veins are mainly caused by fluid drainage deficiency from the legs and hands. The main blood flow in the legs is regulated by the nerves passing through the L5 vertebra. Using Respine4u releases the spinal vertebrae, including the L5 vertebra (lower lumbar vertebra), thus releasing nerve pressure and enabling blood flow as well as draining blood from the legs.

Can assist in some cases of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (muscular pain), the accumulation of stress and pressure in many points in the muscles and connective tissue; accumulation of this stress is highly impacted by the functionality of the nervous system. Use of Respine4u releases tension, balances the muscles, the connecting tissue and the body frame offering an immediate reaction that provides relief from pain.

Can assist in natural recovery from protruding or bulged discs

Each case of protruding or bulged disc is unique. There are 24 different discs in the spine and each of them can bulge or protrude in at least three different main directions. Most of the diagnosed bulged discs are stages in the deterioration of the bulging disc. It is caused by instability of the vertebrae above or under the disc that separates them. In many cases, the increases spacing that lying on Respine4u enables, assists the disc in absorbing liquids and returning to its original place between the vertebrae.

Respine4u User Instructions

Before using Respine4u, it is recommended to place it in the middle of the bed you sleep on, for maximum safety during use.

Once it is in place, lie on it as follows:

It is recommended to place the hands on the two sides of the mattress so that they are slightly forward, as is comfortable. That way you open up of the chest and push the shoulders back.

Resting at the end of the day

Daily use is highly recommended as close as possible to going to sleep at night. This provides the physical and emotional relaxation, and release of the back, and will lead to a good and effective night’s sleep with less stress on the body frame and nerves. It is possible, and even recommended to start the night’s sleep on Respine4u and then continue your regular sleep on the bed. Sleep that begins on Respine4u ensures your night sleep is more efficient, calming and probably significantly more uninterrupted.  This is important because it allows the brain to more easily heal the body as part of the achievement gained by  every use of Respine4u.

After Exercise

Because of the release of tension in the muscles, reduction of stress from the nervous system and refreshing energy that short use of Respine4u provides, it is recommended to use it for a short rest after every exercise, training session or any physical strain. Use of Respine4u will relax the muscles and return the body to a state of relaxation and release, with balanced tension in the muscles and a return to the symmetric posture and general calm.

Afternoon Nap

You can use Respine4u as part of your daily schedule by adding an afternoon rest or a quick replacement for it, that relaxes you if you don’t have the kind of lifestyle that lets you take a full rest. Thanks to stomach breathing, half an hour’s rest on Respine4u can provide you with the same amount of energy that 2-3 hours of sleep would give you. In cases of extreme exhaustion, you can also begin your rest on Respine4u and then carry on to your normal sleep.

Meditation and continuous deep and effective sleep

Respine4u can be used for the purpose of relaxing, meditating and improving the quality of undisturbed, efficient and deep sleep. The mattress is designed so that the user breathes to the stomach, reduces and redistributes the load of weight of the stomach and chest, and allows relaxation and rest for the back and the body systems. People who suffer from back ache, people who use meditative breathing or people who find it hard to reach a state of conscious relaxation while sitting straight up, will find that Respine4u is the ultimate practical solution for your needs.

During the meeting to experience Respine4u, we can examine its suitability to your needs
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